Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life (Permanent Life) insurance provides a lifetime of protection with premiums typically remaining level throughout the life of the policy.

Some Whole Life policies allow premium payments for a shorter period, such as 20 years, with lifetime protection. Whole Life policies generate cash values, which, subject to the terms of the policy purchased, may be borrowed by the policyowner. If the policy is surrendered, the accumulated cash value is payable to the policyowner. Additionally, some Whole Life policies (Participating Plans) will return dividends to policyowners based on the performance of the company. These dividends may be withdrawn in cash, left on deposit to accumulate with interest or used to purchase additional insurance regardless of the policyowner’s health.

Family Guardian provides a comprehensive choice of Whole Life plans that our sales representatives can discuss in detail with you to help you select the right plan for your individual needs.


Whole Life Participating:

Includes “Bonus Life” which provides maximum life coverage


Whole Life Non-Participating:

Includes “Econo Life” that provides maximum life coverage with a minimum premium


Whole Life With Annual Bonus:

Provides permanent life coverage and an annual cash bonus


Family & Single Parent Plans

Provides coverage for parents and children with future children automatically covered


Modified Whole Life:

Provides life coverage for persons who cannot qualify for standard insurance


20-Pay Life:

Provides a lifetime of permanent coverage with premiums payable for only 20 years